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Brand - Monika


The brand - Hector


We lOVE what we do.

Our brand means art, PASSION, creativity, knowledge, professionalism, responsibility, quality, and experience. We know what that special day means to you, and we put our full potential into each celebration.

Each celebration is a UNIQUE opportunity to capture happiness and great moments.
We created a New style & brand . Let’s celebrate together.


Monik Partigliani


She is the essence and organization of our brand. Always with a smile, enjoy every detail before, during and after each event. She graduated in journalism, and she has many years of experience in front of the cameras as a news reporter on television and radio stations in South America and multiple television productions in South Florida. After achieving a degree in management and human resources, she dedicated herself to increasing her skills in photography and video production and post-production. She knows what it's like to be in front of and behind a camera. To her knowledge in photography add years of experience in photographic lighting, video editing, design, and animation in aftereffects. Class and style in each photo are her trademark. She mixes the action of Journalism with the traditional that makes each event memorable.


Hector Partigliani


The happy soul of our brand. Graduated in photography and cinema. Specialized in Steadicam operator and certified by the Tiffen Company and Video sound of Ithaca New York. Director of photography and lighting. Hector has high knowledges in production and postproduction editing, 3D animation and aftereffects. A constant creator and seeker of continuous improvement. After graduating from college, he worked for many years as a photojournalist for international news agency such as Reuters, and many Tv News channels in South America. Also participated in many productions, soap operas, concerts, realty shows and tv commercials in South Florida for Telemundo International. Hector has applied all his professional knowledge in broadcasting to build a unique brand in social events, which offers a different and unique perspective and final product.

You've seen our brand, it's time

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